ArtistFirst_GL_Henderson_2017-11-08A.mp3Maurice "MR Motivation" Riggins
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THOU ART LLC is committed to creating and cultivating what Art is! Talent comes in many forms and sometimes we do not know what we have until we find the artist in us. Finding that is a life long journey that all of us have been on our entire life! YOU are Art, everything you do and learn, never let anyone tell you different! For years many have held back from who they are because of the want or need for social acceptance!

 THOU ART LLC  was formed as a reflection of my journey through life!  My wife and I aspire to create an environment so you too can understand that happiness for me was when I learned to explore and fall in love with my number one fan, "Me"! So that we can help you find your the number one in "YOU"! We are committed to showing the world that it would be missing the most important ingredient, You, is something that they just can't do without! We create the Platform that will truly capture, cultivate, and compliment your Art form!  Come show off your comedy, singing, music, poetry, etc at our Open Mic. We manage and assist artist of all expression to leave potential and get kinetic. We vow to do more than create a show but we commit to making your stand in life a movement!