"Created Together"

Night with an Angel
September 7, 2019  "Night with An Angel"
     On September 5th of the Year Nineteen Hundred and Eighty the world was given an Angel.  So in Honor of Her Blessing a Man to take her hand in Marriage for this Lifetime, MR Motivation, wanted to throw a Birthday Celebration with much more in store.  As she enjoyed the company and fellowship on her special day Mrs. Angel the SHE(CEO) of THOU ART, LLC had no clue that her Husband and some great friends would give her the Wedding Reception that she never had.  Tears laces the Dance floor as Love filled the room during a Surprise second entrance into what would be not just another Birthday but an extension of her Wedding Day nearly four years ago.  Mrs. Angel T. Riggins, We Love You and You Truly are the Engine and Angel that Keep all of Us... Inspired!  
The Hustle
MAY 10 & 11, 2019 "The Hustle"
     Mothers Day Weekend was all about the Grown & Sexy.  Putting an event together is half the work and twice the excitement when you collaborate with great people that Purpose their Passion.  We did just that, with a blend that truly was Talented, Humble, Outstanding and Unique.  DJ Rony of Sexy Trap Music LLC delivered a blend of music that kept the party going while Chef James Belton III of Cafe de' Belton served up a feast that fit the festivities.  We could not stop there as we hosted a line up of spicy entertainment starting with comedy by Comedian H.L. Boney & Bishop Omega that kept the belly digesting food and funny.  
FEB 16, 2019  Valentines Weekend "Love & Laughter"
Valentines Love Event
     Love was Truly in the Air this 16th Day of February of the Year Two-Thousand and Nineteen.  This was truly a Night of Laughter and Loving Moments for all that attended.  We Sang, Danced, Laughed, and Performed the Night Away only to still be talking about it Days after.  "Lil Judah" put on a spectacular performance sending us back to those days were we remember the song we had our heart broken and those that we will cherish on our anniversaries.  Mrs. Angel & MR Motivation always find a way to make sure that THOU ART LLC not only Receives LOVE but Gives it with No Barriers.  The Mic was Open and many lived out the Dream of getting on it and feeling inspired to inspire others.  Thank you All for Making "Love & Laughter" more than a Show but a connection that was kinetic in what we call "The Movement!"
JAN 19, 2019  "ReBirth from Hurt" with Special guest Obbie West
Rebirth from Hurt
     THOU ART LLC wanted to Start the New Year off with a Mission to deliver healing to those that feel that hurt haunts them.  Some scars we cannot see with our eyes and we must open up our hearts to understanding others to provide comfort.  Mrs. Angel challenged her self to open up to herself more and delivered poetry along with artist that graced the stage to tell their story through comedy, music, and poetry.  The Artist, Activist, and Soldier "Obbie West" would captivate the audience and reaffirm that many struggle to fit in but shed light that fitting in does not always mean that it fits YOU!  You and only You can live in your skin and once that is realized then you can truly find a "ReBirth from Hurt!"
DEC 22, 2018  M.R. Motivation "Birthday Celebration"
MR Motivation Birthday
     For most of his Life, Maurice "M.R. Motivation" Riggins, knew that he was destined to be a Comedian.  Up's and Down's in his life has led him any many directions but making people laugh and smile would never leave his heart.  Being stationed close to where he grew up, having an Angel named "Angel" in his life, and family as close as they have ever been, made it more apparent for him to stop fighting his own calling and step out on faith.  This Birthday Celebration M.R. Motivation wanted to give his gift to all in attendance.  Packed with Family, Friends, and Comrades he delivered over one and a half hours of comedy that directly influenced his life.  Though it seemed to many that he had many struggles he himself knew that it made him stronger as he gave his heart in Comedy titled, "Strength in My Struggle!"
JUN 16, 2018  Classy Carolina Comedy Show "Take V"
Classy Carolina Comedy Shuler King
     After two successful Comedy Shows in a partnership with Comedy All-Stars "Stand Up For Our Troops" it was time for THOU ART LLC to Continue "The Movement."  The theme was "Inspire Me with Comedy" and Comedian Shuler King was a fit for Comedy that would be Kinetic.  The Show also features Merellis "Big Mo" Dixson and Native of Wilson NC Darryn Bynum.  The intimate crowd was moved to laugther as the all the Comedians show how Comedy can be Classy and Contagious in the Carolinas!
MAY 18 & 19, 2018  A Weekend with Guy Torry & Pretty Ricki
Comedy All-Stars May 2018
     Bringing Comedy to the Carolina's once again MR Motivation would have the honor of being a Feature Comedian along side the lovely and hilarious Mrs. Pretty Ricki "Talithia Lewis" for the Headliner and Multi-talented Star Guy Torry! Three packed shows of laughter and heartfelt moments made this night with a Guy and a Girl worth every moment and we were honored to be a part of Funny in Fayetteville! 
 MAR 30 & 31, 2018 Stand-Out by Stand-Up
Comedy All-Stars March 2018
  Comedian Rodney Perry took a crowd of individuals and made them laugh together along with "Shuler King" & "Comedian Big Mo Dixon" there was not a dry eye in the house from tear jerking laughter.  To cap it off the host for the event was yours truly... Yes "MR Motivation" who was happy to show off his ability to control the crowd and add some spice to the evenings.  We are Truly Your Biggest Fans and We will continue to Blow "Hate" Away with Love and Unity!
 FEB 24, 2018 The Movement "TAKE IV"
     The Movement "Take IV" was a success because the Ultimate Performance Platform stimulated the Best of YOU!  We want to thank all that attended!  Many traveled from outside of the Carolinas to witness and perform at our Open Mic and a Special Thank You, we want to continue to extend!  Our connection is Kinetic and the place was and will remain energetic with all who Show Up and Showed Out!  Your commitment to your passion will personify your Talents and we urge each of you to remain Humble, live Outstanding and always be Unique!  You deserve it and we deserve to witness you being the greatest YOU that YOU are!  We at THOU ART LLC truly are Your Biggest Fans and we thank All of you for Your Continued Support!
 DEC 30, 2017 The Movement "Take III"
     The Movement "Take III" was nothing less than exceptional.  We are grounded in creating what is destined to be the Ultimate Performance Platform.  With our growth comes additions and coming to the stage and to the THOU ART LLC family is none other than an artist that possesses all the qualities that we are about.  Melo Dee you are truly Talented, continue to remain Humble, live Outstanding and be Unique in your craft and as you continue to Love YOU only to bless Others!  Welcome to the Family and let's create the Art that will paint this world into a Masterpiece!
 DEC 30, 2017 The Movement "Kinetic Kids"
     Our Kids, even in their innocence, are the most daring people on this planet and have the potential to paint the perfect picture on the darkest canvas better than we ever could.  We invited them to the platform we have shared for the past few months with hopes of inviting their "Potential" to be inspired and ignited. They accepted and delivered performances that captivated us in a profound way.  King Jaden and Mookyie were exceptional MC's for the event and use their chemistry and personalities as they welcomed all the talented youth in and around NC to the stage.   We look forward to putting on many more events like this and with your support we will continue to assist our future superstars reach beyond their own potential and be the "Kinetic Kids" they are.  
     Special thank you from our MC's and all that performed to Mrs. Shauntel Gaines, Mr. Desmond "Dez" Humphrey, and Mr. Lejuane "El'Ja" Bowens for sharing their knowledge and giving some guidance to assist our Stars reach higher and shine brighter along the way!
 NOV​ 25, 2017 The Movement "Take II"
     The THOU ART LLC Team has really put YOU, "The Artist and Audience" first!  We continue to cultivate the Ultimate platform to compliment your expression and entertainment.  There is a buzz that you should be a part of and it is profound!  As our support grows, so does our ability to promote, create, and project for an ever growing audience of diverse individual in an exclusive environment that showcases the best Talents NC has to offer!  
OCT 20, 2017 "The Movement"
     Open Mic "The Movement" was full of entertainment.  RadioBoXx Musick was in full affect collaborating with DJ Spinn to create a unique sound complimenting all that graced the stage.  This was TAKE I of many more and as said,"It's more than a Show, it's The Movement" and it's REAL! 
SEP 9, 2017 "Opening Night" Open Mic
     Opening Night was a huge success because of all of You!  We created this company to show the world that there is Talent everywhere and in everyone.  An invitation has been extended to all who have dreamed of displaying the talents they have been blessed with and I know that we are on to something special.  Mr Motivation and Angel vow to prove that this is more than a Show... It is A Movement!  Thank you all and our future looks bright with YOU and the Art you create!