Unconditional Love, "My Journey."

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Throughout my Life I have thought that Unconditional Love existed, only to realize that All the things I Love because of the conditions. I've tried to Love All Things and All People the same but I find that everyone does not receive it the same for it to be without conditions. At a time in my Life I learned to Love me more through the disappointment I gathered from finding out that Unconditional Love does NOT exist. Which made me realize one thing was very evident on the quest to seek it's existence. If I search for something that doesn't exist because I want it to then I Love more doing it so I will continue to find ways to make it exist and take a world that may need the Love that I found reciprocated!

~MR Motivation

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Love can seem so hard to obtain but once you see that it is always in you nothing can stop you 💗 🌍